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The Power of Independent Thinking


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Virus Variant: Perpetuating White Coat Supremacy in America
A new Covid variant pops up and strengthens a failed and unreformed scientific bureaucracy.
The Three-Headed Monster Giving Us Lousy Public Policy
How Inflation Fuels Government Growth
High interest rates hit the private sector hard while leaving Washington free to spend more money.
What Kind of Judicial Restraint Are We Talking About?
Beware the ‘Community Schools’ Trojan Horse
These schools are teacher’s union controlled indoctrination centers.
Reject Any Grand Bargain between U.S., Saudi Arabia, Israel and Palestinian Authority
Everyone would win but us. Pursuing a blockbuster deal is probably irresistible to a politician like Joe Biden, however.
Fauci-Friendly Jeanne Marrazzo Named New Director of NIAID
Can the Left and Right Agree on Health Reform?
Happy Indictment Day!
In a Deep Blue State, Recoiling from the Celebrations
Two Sets of Laws for Two Americas
Leftwing Democrats are systematically dismantling the constitutional foundations of the U.S.

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