Issue: Property Rights, Land Use, and Zoning

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The California Exodus Gets a Gag Order
According to the Los Angeles Times, people should leave “without verbally trashing the place.”
Housing Alone Cannot Solve Homelessness
Inclusionary Zoning Would Undermine Sacramento’s Recent Housing Reforms
No Policy Consequences Are ‘Unintended’
The Hysterical Style in American Politics
To enact its unpopular agendas, the progressive movement must scare the people silly and gin up chaos to destroy its perceived enemies—any crisis it can.
San Francisco Must Stop Enabling Substance Abuse
California Will See Plenty of New Laws in 2024, but Few Which Will Fix Actual Problems
Harvard Should Pay Its Fair Share
How to deal with higher ed’s corruption? Milton Friedman had the right idea: Tax the universities.
Leave the Fence Alone: On ‘Toward a Political Economy of the Commons: Simple Rules for Sustainability’
Second Circuit Opines on New York’s Gun Restrictions

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