Issue: Property Rights, Land Use, and Zoning

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You Use the Roads, Don’t You?
China Holds All the Cards in the Great Green Energy Game
The Impending Thermidor Reaction in Jacobin America
At peak woke, our reign of terror is beginning to lose momentum because its continuation would destroy all the work of 247 years of American progress and sacrifice.
As California Fentanyl Deaths Skyrocket, Progressive Policy Makers Watch from the Sidelines
A Judge Who Understands Firearms
Judge Stephen McGlynn of the Southern District of Illinois asks probing questions about the state’s new rifle ban.
The Surprising Thing the Champions of San Francisco’s Drug Centers Forget
How They Convinced Trump to Lock Down
Using Sedition and Domestic Terrorism Laws against Rioters Is Overkill
The Unconstitutional Tax on ‘Unrealized Capital Gains’
On Deregulation, Biden Would Be Wise to Emulate Carter Administration

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