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Don’t Commit to Defense of Taiwan
The island can take care of itself without the United States ending its public ambiguity in favor of an explicit alliance.
How the Fed Finances U.S. Debt
Look behind the federal books to see the ways monetary policy has come to abet runaway spending.
Now Is the Time to Reign in Excessive Executive Power
Far-Right Extremism: An Overlooked Cost of the War on Terror
The Roots of American Failure in Afghanistan
Our Afghan Nightmare: Tanks for Nothing
Afghanistan has been reinvented as the best-equipped terrorist nation in the world, basking in the prestige of humiliating the world’s superpower.
Incompetence + Arrogance = Woke
Politically correct ideology is masking and contributing to the widespread failure of our institutions.
China Is Weaker than Xi Will Admit
The Chinese strongman and the U.S. security establishment both profit from pretending the country is a bigger threat than it is.
Biden Defense Boss Boots Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier from Space Force Command
America Needs a Robert A. Taft

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