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Ill Effects of Tuberville’s Abortion Protest Are Overblown
Reject Any Grand Bargain between U.S., Saudi Arabia, Israel and Palestinian Authority
Everyone would win but us. Pursuing a blockbuster deal is probably irresistible to a politician like Joe Biden, however.
Ukraine Should Never Be Admitted to NATO
Kyiv is demanding that the alliance give it something to walk away with at Vilnius. Will it succumb?
Some U.S. Allies Finally Need to Improve Defenses, Including Getting Nukes
Small Change: Let’s Put Pennies and Nickels to Rest
We Need a Better China Policy. Banning TikTok Isn’t It.
DeSantis’ View on Ukraine Should Not Be Dismissed
Before the Primaries, the GOP Needs an Overdue Moment of Truth
Jimmy Carter’s Presidential Legacy
In light of the news that Jimmy Carter has entered hospice care, it’s now time for analysts and the American people to seriously reassess his presidency.
U.S. Should Turn Ukraine War Over to Its European Allies

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