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A New Bitcoin Law Risks Ensnaring El Salvador in FATF’s Regulatory Web
Bukele’s Bitcoin Blunder for El Salvador
Preached as a way to support an underbanked population, bitcoin will increase fees and risks for Salvadorans.
The Moment Janet Yellen Moved for ‘Greasing the Wheels’ with Inflation
It’s Time to Smash Iran’s Endemic Inflation
The New Regressive Dark Ages
The Fed Lacks Precision Inflation Tools
The central bank is likely to have trouble taming prices without hurting the real economy.
Lebanon Could Use a Currency Board
Such arrangements have worked in other countries whose economic and political woes seemed intractable.
War of Words Over Inflation Stirs Questions for the Fed
US Inflation Surge Is Harbinger of What’s to Come
Money supply growth is feeding into economy and Powell’s position is wrong
Oligarchy, and Remedies

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