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‘There He Goes Again’: Biden Talks About What the Country Doesn’t Want To Hear
The country would like lower inflation. The country would like more oil and gas supplies for lower energy prices. Over half the states have become ‘right to work.’ And climate change hardly shows up on a list of important polling issues.
Gavin Newsom’s State of the State Speech Highlights What Is Wrong with California
The Fed Needs to Put Its Eye on the Money Supply
Slowing its growth without triggering a recession is a tricky proposition. Is the central bank up for it?
All Housing Is Affordable Housing
The Economic Way of Seeing
How Politicized Is the Federal Reserve?
Housing First Isn’t Working to Solve Homelessness. We Need a Holistic Model
The Biden Inflation Octopus
In the end it doesn’t matter whether Biden was deluded or diabolical. Come November, Americans will rightfully blame him for willfully damaging their lives.
California Homelessness
Billions Are Spent Every Year, and the Problem Just Gets Worse
The Inspiring Truth about T.R.M. Howard: An Unexpected Black History Month Lesson

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