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Newsom Continues Dreadful COVID-19 Crackdown
Reality dysphoria mounts across the Golden State.
Reason for Our Health Care Crisis: Government
Thank Walmart, not Biden or Trump, for Lower Insulin Prices
From Solzhenitsyn to US Governors: No Lessons Learned
The government’s pandemic regime reflected an authoritarian mindset more than good policy.
Common Sense as Health Policy
Is There A Trump Health Care Plan?
Fauci and His Minions Are Still in Control
The time has come to hold Dr. Fauci and his cronies accountable for damages from the Covid pandemic.
The First Amendment is Under Attack in America’s Oceania
Obamacare Insurance—Ten Years On
Covid Lessons Learned, Four Years Later
Mandatory lockdowns had almost no benefit—but did significant economic and health-related damage.

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