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The Anti-Woke Counterrevolution Is Spreading
A gradual move back to normalcy has become apparent.
The Radical Calculus of Campus Encampments: A Closer Look at Left-Liberal Protest Tactics
How university presidents dismantle these forcing beds of radicalism matters.
Biden FCC Threatens Free Speech by Restoring Internet Regulations
Regulations for net “neutrality” stifle choice and innovation.
Education Secretary Miguel Cardona Pursues Predatory Actions
The department should have never existed in the first place.
‘Misinformation’ Is the Censors’ Excuse
They kneecap free-speech advocates by portraying them as defenders of lies.
The First Amendment is Under Attack in America’s Oceania
Harvard Tramples the Truth
When it came to debating Covid lockdowns, Veritas wasn’t the university’s guiding principle.
The Potted Plants of Higher Education
California Versus Free Speech: Mobsters Who Attacked Riley Gaines Get Off Scot-Free
Reporters seem unaware that the attack on free speech in the state has been going on for some time.
The Hawai’i Supreme Court Overrules Bruen
Not really, it was only wishful thinking.

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