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The Need for Adult Supervision of Universities
How Boss E.H. Crump Used the Memphis Police to Suppress a Black Republican Challenge to FDR
Gov. Newsom Signs Bill on ‘Body Shaming’
But leaves state’s bloated bureaucracies untouched.
Free Speech? Not on College Campuses.
It isn’t getting any better.
Mound Bayou Takes the Lead in the Modern Civil Rights Movement
Newsom Admits California’s Medical Professionals Were Right
Golden State doctors may now exercise their First Amendment rights without losing their medical license.
How Little Mound Bayou Became a Powerful Engine for African American Civil Rights and Economic Advancement
Reaching Across the Aisle for the Bill of Rights: Learning from a Political Odd Couple
Raid on Small-Town Paper Recalls FDR’s Harassment
When the Left and Right Came Together to Applaud Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

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