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The Power of Independent Thinking


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A Collegiate Renaissance?
Trans-formed University
Due Process or Transgender Protection on Campus?
The Crime of “Talking to Tucker Carlson”
A note of support, from a surprising detente.
Do We Even Know We Are All Socialists Now?
In the end, perhaps the best definition of socialism is simply “The endless war against merit.”
We Need a Better China Policy. Banning TikTok Isn’t It.
Israel’s Turmoil Over Its Judiciary Should Be a Warning to the U.S
Musk Calls Out NPR as Government Mouthpiece
PBS deserves the same designation.
Biden’s Nominees Are a Display of Liberal Incompetence
Julie Su seems just as fit for the role as Biden’s other nominees; that is, not at all.
Muzzling Free Expression on Campus Causes Self-Censorship
Toxic campus cultures teach students and faculty to keep quiet.

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