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Past Events

Videos, audio, and transcripts are available of many of Indepenent’s past events.

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February 4, 1998
Stephen E. Margolis, Stan J. Liebowitz, Robert A. Levy, Bruce H. Kobayashi
January 28, 1997
Charles A. Murray
December 3, 1996
Arthur R. Miller, Bruce L. Benson, Erika Holzer, Wendy Kaminer, William I. Koch, Alan J. Lizotte, David B. Sentelle, Richard L. Thornburgh, Hubert Williams, Marvin E. Wolfgang
May 6, 1996
Richard A. Epstein
March 27, 1996
Hongda Harry Wu
October 5, 1995
Dinesh J. D’Souza
June 8, 1995
William R. Hewlett, David Packard, George P. Shultz, Edwin V. Zschau
January 19, 1995
Robert Higgs, Don B. Kates, Jr., Chris Killough, William I. Koch, Joseph D. McNamara
September 18, 1994
July 27, 1994
Charles A. Murray
April 27, 1994
Thomas J. Peters III
February 24, 1994
George F. Gilder
December 8, 1993
Michael Medved
October 7, 1993
John R. MacArthur
July 22, 1993
Lawrence A. Kudlow, Richard K. Vedder, Lowell E. Gallaway, Stephen J. Moore, Steve H. Hanke, Richard Keith Armey
June 23, 1993
Robert L. Bartley
January 25, 1993
Walter B. Wriston
July 7, 1992
G. Robert A. Conquest, Elena Bonner, Preston Martin, Czeslaw Milosz, John O’Sullivan, CBE, David J. Theroux, Aaron B. Wildavsky, Hongda Harry Wu
October 29, 1987
Thomas E. Borcherding, James M. Buchanan, Jr., Maurice Mann, J. Victor Marshall, Daniel Oliver
October 8, 1986
Peter T. Bauer, M. Bruce Johnson, A. Neil McLeod, David J. Theroux, Gordon Tullock

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