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Justus Drew Doenecke
Justus Drew Doenecke

Justus D. Doenecke is Professor Emeritus of History at New College of Florida, having received his Ph.D. in history from Princeton University.

His books include Storm on the Horizon: The Challenge to American Intervention, 1939-1941; New Deal; From Isolation to War, 1931-1941; A Companion to American Foreign Relations; From Isolation to War: 1931-1941; United States, Europe and Asia, between the World Wars and the Prelude to World War II. Guide to American Foreign Relations since 1700; Debating Franklin D. Roosevelt's foreign policies, 1933-1945; The Presidencies of James A. Garfield and Chester A. Arthur; In Danger Undaunted: The Anti-Interventionist Movement of 1940-1941 As Revealed in the Papers of the America First Committee; The Literature of Isolationism: Non Interventionist Scholarship 1930-1972; The Battle Against Intervention, 1939-1941; and Not to the Swift: The Old Isolationists in the Cold War Era.