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Innovative Solutions for Iraq
Featuring a panel of distinguished scholars
Moderated by David J. Theroux

98 minutes

$14.95 (25% off)
ISBN 978-1-59813-010-2

The 2006 elections in Iraq have not resolved the main problems there—a constitutional crisis, continued terrorism, a potent Sunni rebellion, and fighting between religious and ethnic groups that could result in a full-blown civil war. Should the U.S. extract troops rapidly or gradually, stay the course with current Bush administration policy, or escalate its involvement?

This groundbreaking program brings together a panel of distinguished experts to address these issues and propose varied and innovative solutions for Iraq.

Former Assistant Secretary of Defense Lawrence Korb (Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress) discusses military overstretch in the Iraq war and why it is necessary to rethink U.S. interventionist foreign policy. Former Director of the N.S.A., Lt. Gen. William E. Odom (Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute), laments the degree to which American influence throughout the world has been squandered by an unnecessary war and calls for leaving Iraq. Ivan Eland (Senior Fellow and Director, Center on Peace and Liberty at The Independent Institute) discusses partitioning Iraq or forming a loose, decentralized confederation, so as to reduce the incentives for and chances of an explosive civil war. Peter Brookes (Senior Fellow, Heritage Foundation) defends U.S. foreign policy, suggesting that more international financial support would greatly assist in rebuilding Iraq. Gareth Porter (Independent Analyst, Inter Press Service), concludes that only by pulling out of Iraq can the U.S. government make the terrorist threat there subside. The forum concludes with a lively and provocative question and answer session.

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