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Volume 26, Issue 47: November 14, 2023

Naomi R. Wolf (Substack)
Language is changing in America. But the changes are not from a natural evolution of usage. Instead they are deliberate and ideological—designed to kill off the practices of individual freedom. Corruption follows. Then come the tyrants. READ MORE »

Phillip W. Magness (AIER)
The Great Depression is arguably the most important macroeconomic event of the 20th century. Why, then, are we allowing its actual causes to go untaught in high schools and universities? READ MORE »

Richard K. Vedder (The American Spectator)
Enrollments in the humanities are down. But don’t assume it’s because literature graduates don’t make enough money. The real reason is that those who teach in the humanities have trashed their own disciplines with political ideology—and students and parents know it. READ MORE »

Craig Eyermann
Just the interest we pay on national debt is about one trillion dollars. Are we allowed now to stop the spending? READ MORE »

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