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Volume 26, Issue 45: October 31, 2023

David T. Beito (AIER)
Crump, the white Democratic Party boss of Memphis, was cozy with FDR. J.B. Martin, a black business owner and local Republican Chairman, organized a multiracial rally for Roosevelt’s opponent Wendell Willkie. Crump fumed that “Negroes might as well learn their places,” and used city police to retaliate against Martin. Guess how FDR’s Justice Department responded to Martin’s plea for legal help... READ MORE »

Judy Shelton (Wall Street Journal)
How will the central bank respond to instability in markets caused by global turmoil? The Fed might take a page from its emergency actions during the 2008 financial crisis and Covid—but such aggressive moves have serious consequences. READ MORE »

Raymond J. March (Inside Sources)
Autumn heralds the arrival of pumpkin spice and flannel shirts—and the start of the flu season. But the FDA is a about to make that a whole lot worse. Which of your go-to medicines are about to get pulled? READ MORE »

Steve H. Hanke, John Greenwood, OBE (Wall Street Journal)
The Fed’s huge inflationary boost to the money supply, stemming from pandemic stimulus, set the stage for what is now a sustained decline in the money supply. As a result, the economy is in real danger. It’s hard to ignore the disturbing parallels with the 1987 stock market debacle. READ MORE »

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