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Volume 26, Issue 38: September 12, 2023

David T. Beito (National Review)
The New Deal harmed black Americans? Yes, badly. Very badly in Memphis, TN. And those violations of civil rights foreshadowed the extraordinary civil-rights violation yet to come: the mass confinement of Japanese Americans in what FDR himself called “concentration camps.” Why, then, is FDR still such a hero to so many progressives? READ MORE »

Scott Beyer (Catalyst)
The differences? Big, mostly obvious, and favoring the First World—but not always when liberty is concerned. Third Worlders can more easily establish their own businesses, build homes, and get around without government interference. We First Worlders might have a lot to learn. READ MORE »

K. Lloyd Billingsley (American Spectator)
California Gov. Gavin Newsom has proposed a 28th amendment to the Constitution—to “enshrine” “common sense gun” measures. But like the myriad of such proposals that have come before this one, the measure would have zero effect on violent criminals, who, by definition, don’t follow laws. But the effect on innocent, now more vulnerable citizens would be deadly. READ MORE »

Ivan R. Eland (Richmond Times-Dispatch)
To protest the Pentagon’s new policy allowing military personnel, post-Dobbs, to travel, at tax-payer expense, to get abortions, Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Alabama) has recently blocked senior military promotions requiring Senate confirmation. But the war party need not worry. A few hundred fewer top brass wearing fewer stripes will have zero effect on a military already magnitudes stronger than its nearest competitor—and probably bloated beyond our real needs. READ MORE »

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