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Volume 26, Issue 14: April 4, 2023

Lawrence J. McQuillan (The American Spectator)
Homelessness is not strictly speaking a national crisis. It has reached crisis level in a relatively few cities, notably in California, that subsidize self-destructive behaviors. In these places, officials refuse to accept what their eyes must tell them: that their policies have failed. READ MORE »

Scott W. Atlas (Newsweek)
The World Health Organization’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic shattered public trust. Yet Americans are about to be newly bound by W.H.O.’s decrees via a new international accord that Congress won’t get to vote on. Don’t we deserve transparency and accountability on something of this magnitude? READ MORE »

Ivan Eland (Inside Sources)
Ron DeSantis was wrong that the Ukraine war is merely a “territorial dispute.” He was right that it is not an American “vital national interest.” The vital security interest is Europe’s. But the rich European countries ask themselves, “Why increase spending on security when the U.S. is providing it for free?” READ MORE »

Richard K. Vedder (The American Spectator)
College campuses increasingly muzzle free expression. The result is a troubling and widespread self-censorship at the expense of rational discourse, affecting not only the campus but also our wider society. Where do we go from here? READ MORE »

The Future of Higher Education
The Independent Review, Winter 2022/23

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