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Volume 26, Issue 13: March 28, 2023

Judy L. Shelton (Wall Street Journal)
Inadequate supply, relative to massive spending-induced demand, spurred the inflation we have now. But why is Chairman Powell’s destruction of that demand through ‘emergency’ interest-rate hikes the answer? What about increasing supply through stronger economic activity? READ MORE »

Steve H. Hanke, Barry W. Poulson (National Review)
A Switzerland-style debt brake, dealt into the Constitution by an Article V convention, would fit the bill very nicely. READ MORE »

Jeffrey A. Tucker (Brownstone Institute)
How did Donald Trump come to be the president who crushed the economy he was trying to revive—for what turned out to be a manageable respiratory virus? The answer might surprise you. READ MORE »

David T. Beito (Washington Examiner)
A worthy item on the agenda of any modern coalition seeking to defend the Bill of Rights? An all-out effort to curb “sedition” and “domestic terrorism” prosecutions. The laws already protecting life, property, and person are more than enough to keep us safe. READ MORE »

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