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Volume 26, Issue 11: March 15, 2023

William F. Shughart II (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
Almost everyone hates springing forward every year—and they should. Government imposed jet lag is also really expensive: $1.7 billion in losses annually. And, thanks to more heart attacks, workplace injuries, and auto accidents, it’s deadly. Time to turn back the clocks? READ MORE »

Scott W. Atlas (Newsweek)
It was based on big, big lies. Here are 10 of the worst. Will anybody be held accountable? READ MORE »

Benjamin Powell (Washington Times)
In 1976, Joe Biden was the first Democratic senator to endorse Jimmy Carter for president. Now, as president himself, Mr. Biden should honor him by embracing a Carter-style deregulation agenda—a fast, effective way to reduce inflation. READ MORE »

Phillip W. Magness, David R. Henderson (AIER)
We are told we need to implement reparations—a massive $13 trillion government-redistribution program. But even the 1619 Project author wonders where that kind of money would come from. There are only two options, neither very pretty. READ MORE »

Is Social Justice Just?
Edited by Robert M. Whaples, Michael C. Munger, Christopher J. Coyne

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