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Volume 26, Issue 10: March 8, 2023

That Chinese balloon floated over the American heartland for days before it was shot down. But are concerns about it just so much hot air? Possibly a bit more serious: the blank check Ukraine has gotten from the U.S. And what’s behind the attempted re-write of Roald Dahl’s children’s books? Graham Walker and Williamson Evers discuss all this, and more. WATCH NOW »

K. Lloyd Billingsley (Orange County Register)
With more than $11 billion in confirmed Covid give-away fraud on her record, Julie Su, former head of California’s Employment Development Department, is just such an obvious pick for U.S. Labor Secretary. But you need to be Joe Biden to see why. READ MORE »

Ivan Eland (National Interest)
The tendency of pretty much everybody is to be biased against one-term presidents. After all, the voters rejected them. But many one-term presidents were good presidents. Including—Jimmy Carter? READ MORE »

K. Lloyd Billingsley
Since the first case of COVID in the U.S. (January 2020), China has tried to “thwart and obfuscate” investigations into the origin of the pandemic. Sounds like Anthony Fauci. Why isn’t the FBI raiding his house? READ MORE »

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