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Volume 22, Issue 42: October 27, 2020

By John C. Goodman and Marie Fishpaw (National Review, 10/18/20)
The Trump administration has aggressively expanded telemedicine, pushed to make direct primary care an employee benefit, and enacted numerous other reforms to deregulate healthcare and liberate innovators. Congress needs to complete the job. READ MORE »

By Tate Fegley (The Independent Review, Fall 2020 )
Police unions in America were created to remedy grievances such as low pay and arbitrary treatment of the rank and file. Unionized departments have been more successful than their non-unionized counterparts in achieving those goals—and in undermining the ability to hold police officers accountable for misconduct. READ MORE »

By Adam B. Summers (The Orange County Register, 10/23/20)
One of the most dangerous propositions ever put before California voters would significantly raise costs for dialysis clinics and disrupt treatment for thousands of kidney disease patients. Is it any wonder that it’s backed by the state’s largest public sector union? READ MORE »

By Art Carden (American Institute for Economic Research, 10/6/20)
Why do so many government policies violate the consensus views of professional economists? One reason is that the public at large doesn’t benefit directly from becoming well informed about the issues, leaving special interests to shape public perceptions. READ MORE »

By Richard K. Vedder (Forbes, 9/21/20)
The public is well aware that, when it comes to college teachers and administrators, Democrats far outnumber Republicans. If the gap isn’t narrowed, schools and students will continue to suffer, and public support will grow weaker. READ MORE »

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