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Volume 22, Issue 29: July 28, 2020

By Raymond J. March (The Hill, 7/20/20)
Our best hope for developing a COVID-19 vaccine quickly is to allow drug developers to employ a diverse set of approaches and let the scientific method dictate solutions. Unfortunately, the Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed undermines this approach. READ MORE »

By Richard K. Vedder (Forbes, 7/13/20)
As colleges plan their classroom policies for the upcoming fall term, academia is also grappling with two major behemoths. The Harper’s Magazine open letter reveals principled concerns about the threat of cancel culture to the nation’s intellectual diversity, while the cancellation of football games (including the Ivy League’s entire season) shows prudent concerns for public health. READ MORE »

By K. Lloyd Billingsley (American Thinker, 7/19/20)
Two years before George Floyd’s homicide, white Minneapolis resident Justine Ruszczyk Damond was shot by Somali émigré police officer Mohamed Noor as she approached his squad car to discuss a potential assault she had reported. Her killing raises issues of police training, procedure, and discipline, while the national media’s neglect of that case raises issues of whether certain stories are deemed too heterodox for mass consumption. READ MORE »

By Art Carden (Forbes, 7/3/20)
The “achievement gap” between white students and black students gets a lot of press in education research circles, and its causes are complex. After looking at the data, economist and columnist Thomas Sowell concludes that charter schools look like a very effective weapon for closing the gap. READ MORE »

From Daniel Ellsberg during the Vietnam War to myriad whistleblowers calling foul over local government shenanigans, courageous people who speak truth to power are among society’s great benefactors. The California Golden Fleece® Awards welcome your leads and tips exposing government waste, fraud, and abuse in the most populous state in America. READ MORE »

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