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Volume 20, Issue 51: December 18, 2018

By William J. Watkins, Jr. (American Thinker, 12/12/18)
The passage of Bill of Rights Day—December 15—should prompt us to reflect on the institutional requirements of liberty. Although the occasion focuses attention on the U.S. Constitution’s first ten amendments, many state constitutions offer stronger rights-protections. READ MORE »

By Art Carden (Forbes, 10/30/18)
If carbon dioxide emissions are a growing threat, then climate activists should get on board with nuclear power, discourage suburban living and related subsidies, and champion greater housing density, especially in cities with mild temperatures. NIMBY—Not In My Back Yard—has persisted for far too long. READ MORE »

By Randall Holcombe (The Beacon, 12/14/18)
If Americans actually do benefit from a renegotiated North American Free Trade Agreement, those benefits will come regardless of whether or not a U.S.-Mexico border wall is built. Trump supporters, even if they want the wall, should push the president to hold to his campaign promise, and reject his insistence that Congress appropriate money for it. READ MORE »

By Ray March (The Beacon, 11/30/18)
Medical research and countless personal testimonials indicate that e-cigarettes provide an effective way to quit smoking tobacco products, which are more harmful than e-cigarettes. When access to e-cigarettes is curtailed through regulation, e-cigarette users will likely consume more tobacco products. READ MORE »

Our latest fiscal year was a busy one indeed, yielding five new books, three California Golden Fleece® Awards, the launch Love Gov2: A Crisis Not to Waste, and the 30th Anniversary Gala for Liberty. These and other accomplishments owe much to the continuing generosity of our devoted members and funders. READ MORE »

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