The Power of Independent Thinking

Volume 28  Number 2  •  Fall 2023
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Underappreciated Economists
Alexander Hamilton as Economist: A Proper Verdict
Harriet Martineau: Economist as Storyteller and Traveler
Knut Wicksell: A Consistent Marginalist
Ursula K. Hicks: Reviewer, Editor, and Gatekeeper
Friedrich A. Lutz: A Forgotten Monetary Economist and Social Philosopher
Kenneth Boulding: Knowledge, Conflict, and Power
Israel M. Kirzner and the Entrepreneurial Market Process: An Appreciation
Thomas Sowell: Uncommon Perspectives on Culture, Society, and Economics
Julian Simon: Irreplaceable Economist, Irreplaceable Man
Karl Mittermaier: Economic Theory vs. Reality
Karen Vaughn: Building an Austrian Approach to Public Choice
Don Lavoie: The Failures of Socialist Central Planning
Viviana Zelizer: Relational Exchange and Association

Book Reviews
Conservatism: A Rediscovery
How Trade with China Threatens Western Institutions: The Economic Roots of a Political Crisis
The Governance Cycle in Parliamentary Democracies: A Computational Social Science Approach
Small Farm Republic: Why Conservatives Must Embrace Local Agriculture, Reject Climate Alarmism, and Lead an Environmental Revival
The Corporation and the Twentieth Century: The History of American Business Enterprise
The Jeffersonians: The Visionary Presidencies of Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe
Blindsight Is 2020: Reflections on Covid Policies from Dissident Scientists, Philosophers, Artists, and More
The COVID-19 Pandemic: A Public Choice View
The Problem of Property: Taking the Freedom of Nonowners Seriously
Chasing Equality: Women’s Rights and U.S. Public Policy
How Big Things Get Done: The Surprising Factors That Determine the Fate of Every Project, from Home Renovations to Space Exploration and Everything in Between
Radical Hope: A Teaching Manifesto
Climate Liberalism: Perspectives on Liberty, Property, and Pollution
Centers of Progress: 40 Cities That Changed the World
How and How Not to Be Happy
Towards a Political Economy of the Commons: Simple Rules for Sustainability
Realizing the Values of Art: Making Space for Cultural Civil Society
Can College Level the Playing Field? Higher Education in an Unequal Society
Let’s Be Reasonable: A Conservative Case for Liberal Education
The Big Myth: How American Business Taught Us to Loathe Government and Love the Free Market

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