The Power of Independent Thinking

Volume 27  Number 3  •  Winter 2022/23
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The Future of Higher Education
The Best of Times, The Worst of Times...
Let’s Not Lose Our Advantage in Higher Education
What Higher Education May Look Like in the Future
The Hyperpoliticization of Higher Ed: Trends in Faculty Political Ideology, 1969–Present
What Universities Owe to the Liberal Project
Citizenship Education and Speech in the College Classroom: What’s the Real Problem?
We Have Met the Enemy, and He Is Us
The Future of Higher Education: Prerequisites for Success
In Defense of Real Education
Knightian Uncertainty in Capitalism and Socialism
The Development of Liberalism in Ukraine

Operation Keelhaul: Forced Repatriation after World War II

Book Reviews
The Man Who Understood Democracy: The Life of Alexis de Tocqueville
Mont Pèlerin 1947: Transcripts of the Founding Meeting of the Mont Pèlerin Society
The Austro-Libertarian Point of View: Essays on Austrian Economics and Libertarianism
The Currency of Politics: The Political Theory of Money from Aristotle to Keynes
The Broken Constitution: Lincoln, Slavery, and the Refounding of America
Why We Fight: The Roots of War and Paths to Peace
Market Urbanism: A Vision for Free-Market Cities
Edmund Burke and the Perennial Battle, 1789 – 1797
Moral Hazard: A Financial, Legal, and Economic Perspective
Handbook of Alternative Theories of Political Economy
Common Enemies: Georgetown Basketball, Miami Football, and the Racial Transformation of College Sports
Re-Launch: How Families Can Be Renewed and the American Dream Revived in the New Independent Lifestyle of the Post-Pandemic Economy
Fixing Social Security: The Politics of Reform in a Polarized Age
Freedom, Progress, and Human Flourishing
Maverick: A Biography of Thomas Sowell
The Chevron Doctrine: Its Rise and Fall, and the Future of the Administrative State
Populism and the Future of the Fed
Seven Deadly Economic Sins: Obstacles to Prosperity and Happiness Every Citizen Should Know
The Cloud Revolution: How the Convergence of New Technologies Will Unleash the Next Economic Boom and a Roaring 2020s
The Poor Side of Town: And Why We Need It
Plutocratic Socialism: The Future of Private Property and the Fate of the Middle Class
Fossil Future: Why Global Human Flourishing Requires More Oil, Coal, and Natural Gas—Not Less
The Economics of the Parables

National Founders and Founding Choices

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