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News Releases

Date Title
4/9/2019 Independent Institute Book T.R.M. Howard Wins Benjamin Franklin Gold Award for Best Book
4/16/2019 New Book Shows How to Cut Costs, End Scandals, and Restore Value to American Higher Ed
5/15/2019 Rogue Presidency? New Book Shows How the House and Senate Can Restore the Republic
5/16/2019 Independent Institute Announces New Board Member
6/25/2019 California Wildfires Stoked by Bad Practices, Perverse Incentives
7/23/2019 Global Warming: Fact or Fiction?
8/20/2019 Justice on Trial
9/3/2019 Education Policy Expert Williamson Evers Joins Independent Institute
9/3/2019 Founding Principles Needed to Save Liberty from Unchecked Government Power
10/1/2019 Coerced Egalitarianism Isn’t Fair at All
10/15/2019 Independent Institute Contributor Wins Nobel Prize
1/8/2020 California’s Housing Crisis Is Unnecessary!
3/11/2020 Independent Institute’s List of Books on the Folly of Socialism
4/14/2020 A Pandemic Is Not a Recession
4/15/2020 Open Letter from 153 Scholars to California Governor
5/6/2020 Media Advisory: Co-Director of Open Letter to Suspend AB5 Reacts to Lawsuits against Uber and Lyft Over Unfair Law AB5
5/15/2020 Precaution Can Kill: Chemical Benefits and Regulatory Risks
5/26/2020 Independent Institute Files Vital Amicus Brief in AB-5 Case
7/2/2020 Florida’s K-12 Standards “Better than Common Core,” Says New Report
7/14/2020 Why Aren’t Textbooks Educating High Schoolers About America’s Shameful Era of Eugenics and “Scientific Racism”
7/22/2020 Renown Second Amendment Author’s Landmark Book Updated

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