Nation's Leading Global Warming Experts Unveil New Findings on Climate Change: News Releases: The Independent Institute

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News Release
July 28, 2003

Nation’s Leading Global Warming Experts Unveil New Findings on Climate Change
Groundbreaking new research shows political influence at EPA

WASHINGTON, DC – Following the Bush Administration’s $103 million 10-year plan to study global warming, the Independent Institute today unveiled a new report on global warming, which has groundbreaking new information, using new satellite data to show that the climate’s change is less than previously thought.

“Critical portions of science in all of these reports are misleading” stated the report, citing the 2001 National Assessment of Climate Change by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the 2000 National Assessment of the U.S. Climate Change and the EPA’s 2001 Climate Action Report.

New findings include:

  • Satellite records: Satellite data show a net global temperature trend of +0.06 degrees/decade, significantly less than forecast by climate models that are based on bad science. Annual satellite records show no significant change whatsoever.
  • Global warming and urban mortality: Examining the relationships between warming and mortality in 28 U.S. cities, heat-related mortality declined in 22 of the 28 cities. In the 1980s, many cities (especially in the Southern U.S.) experienced no excess mortality, an effect that spread northward across interior cities in the 1990s.
  • EPA bias: The 2001 Climate Action Report, produced by the EPA to make projections and possible policy ideas, relies heavily on the 2000 National Assessment of global warming. The 2000 National Assessment is a Clinton Administration product that was based on bad science; it used models for climate projections that perform worse than a table of random numbers when applied to 10-year moving averages of U.S. temperatures since 1900.
  • Scientists established that the climate since the termination of the last glacial stage, some 12,000 years ago, has hardly been stable or constant, states the report. “Between four and seven thousand years ago, the earth’s mean surface temperature was some 1-2 degrees Celsius higher than it is today, for largely unknown reasons.” The Earth goes through periods of global warming, just as it does global cooling.

The report, New Changes in Climate Science: What the EPA Isn’t Telling Us was released by the Independent Institute and highlights research provided by its panel on global warming: John Christy (University of Alabama at Huntsville and State Climatologist), David Legates (Director, University of Delaware Center on Climate Change), Robert Davis and Wendy Novicoff (University of Virginia) and S. Fred Singer (research fellow at the Independent Institute and former EPA senior official).

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