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Date Title
5/3/2008 John Semmens in Statesman Journal (on line), on rail in highway medians
4/29/2008 David Theroux quoted in San Francisco Chronicle on workplace accidents
4/22/2008 Ian Lustick explores cost of War on Terror, in The Hill
4/22/2008 David Isenberg in Counterpunch on Saddam
4/22/2008 “The Schizophrenia of U.S. Farm Policy,” by E. C. Pasour, Jr., and Randal R. Rucker (Investor’s Business Daily)
4/21/2008 Alex Tabarrok discusses private prisons on NPR; listen in on “Justice Talking”
4/21/2008 E.C. Pasour & Randal Rucker in Investor's Business Daily on U.S. farm policy
4/17/2008 Mike Moore on war in space, in the spring issue of Disarmament Diplomacy journal
4/17/2008 Don Kates in the Town Talk on the Virginia Tech anniversary
4/16/2008 Gabriel Roth quoted in Government Product News on parking meters
4/15/2008 Robert Higgs quoted on the income tax in Las Vegas Review-Journal
4/13/2008 Ivan Eland in Oakland Tribune on the DOJ's definition of torture
4/13/2008 William Shughart in Oakland Tribune on the Treasury's regulation of financial markets
4/12/2008 William Shughart in the Contra Costa Times on the Treasury's regulation of financial markets
4/11/2008 William Shughart in the Washington Times on government bailouts
4/9/2008 Robert Higgs quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle on income inequality
4/6/2008 Benjamin Powell in the Las Vegas Sun on workers exiting Nevada
4/5/2008 Alvaro Vargas Llosa in Dallas Morning News, on Cuban speech & censorship
4/2/2008 Ivan Eland quoted in Orange County Register editorial on defense spending
4/2/2008 Ivan Eland quoted in the Appeal-Democrat on Bush's meeting with the Joint Chiefs
3/29/2008 Stephen Halbrook on Supreme Court gun-ban case progress, in North County Times
3/29/2008 Art Carden & Mike Hammock on environmentalists vs. economists, in Contra Costa Times
3/26/2008 Ivan Eland quoted in the Miami Herald on John McCain's tactics
3/25/2008 Robert Higgs on the credit crisis, in the Baltimore Sun
3/19/2008 Mike Moore in the Austin American-Statesman on weaponization of space
3/18/2008 Alex Tabarrok interviewed by USA Today on gun buyback programs
3/18/2008 Alex Tabarrok in the New York Times on the housing market (subscription needed for access)
3/17/2008 Charles Pena in the Washington Times on 5 years of Homeland Security
3/16/2008 Ivan Eland in San Diego Union-Tribune, on 5th anniversary of Iraq invasion
3/13/2008 Ivan Eland in Providence Journal on guerrilla wars in Iraq & Afghanistan
3/9/2008 Mike Moore quoted in the New York Times on the arms race in space (subscription required for access)
3/7/2008 William Shughart in the Morning Call on the cost of Daylight Saving Time

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