“There comes a time when you do have to give up what you consider your individual right of making your own decision for the greater good of society.” That was Dr. Anthony Fauci in an October 1 virtual lecture for McGill University in Montreal. For the White House medical adviser there were no two ways about it.

You do have to give up only what you consider your right of making your own decision. This is not a man with a strong attachment to liberty and the rights of the individual. As Dan Gelernter noted, “Until recently, no one in American public life could have survived making such a statement. The ideas Fauci expressed were found only on the tongues of state spokesmen in North Korea, China, Stalin’s Russia, or Hitler’s Germany. Fauci’s words are the intellectual kernel of and justification for totalitarianism.”

Fauci was speaking “in the context of a pandemic that’s killing millions of people.” Embattled Americans have a right to wonder about his qualifications on the medical and scientific side.

Anthony Fauci earned a medical degree in 1966 but in 1968 he took a job with the National Institutes of Health. Fauci’s bio shows no advanced degrees in molecular biology or biochemistry, but in 1984 he became director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). The late Kary Mullis, who earned a Ph.D. in biochemistry from UC Berkeley and won a Nobel Prize for the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), believed that Fauci was unqualified for the job.

Back in the 1990s, Mullis went on record that Fauci “doesn’t understand electron microscopy and he doesn’t understand medicine. He should not be in a position like he’s in.” Fauci was hopelessly wrong about the spread of AIDS in the general population, but he remained at the helm of NIAID.

Fauci’s NIAID funded the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) for dangerous gain-of-function research that makes viruses more lethal and transmissible. Fauci has been evasive about the origin of the virus that causes COVID-19, and the NIAID boss has reversed himself on many aspects of the pandemic. Even so, Dr. Fauci claims that to criticize him is to criticize science itself. If embattled Americans called that megalomania it would be hard to blame them.

Dr. Anthony Fauci wields enormous power but during 53 years in government, he has never once had to face the voters. Fauci is the public face of white coat supremacy, an unelected, unaccountable bureaucrat overriding the rights of the people.

The late Angelo Codevilla, familiar with the intelligence community, quickly pegged Fauci as a “deep state fraud.” He needlessly locked the economy, avoided hard data, and made projections based on meaningless numbers from computer models. At the same time, the NIAID boss showed little if any concern for the suffering of Americans.

Fauci now seeks to cancel Americans’ right to make their own decisions about their own health. To paraphrase the NIAID boss, there comes a time when embattled Americans need to stand up to this man, for their own good and the benefit of society. Meanwhile, as Fauci justifies totalitarian rule, signs are emerging of what white coat supremacy means in practice.

A Colorado woman named Leilani Lutali, with stage 5 renal failure, needed a kidney and found a donor in Jaimee Fougner. Now UCHealth says the pair are “non-compliant by not receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.” If the donor and recipient fail to begin the vaccine series, they will be removed from the kidney transplant list.

As this power play demonstrates, white coat supremacy holds little regard for Americans’ health and even their right to life. If America as we know it is to survive, white coat supremacy has to go.