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Post-Election 2020: What and Who to Expect? | Graham H. Walker, Mary Theroux & William Watkins, Jr.
Posted: Mon. November 23, 2020, 3:13pm PT

2020 Post-Election Analysis: What (not just who) did Americans vote for? And what should we expect if Biden and Harris take office?

This Lighthouse Briefing video features Independent Institute Executive Director Dr. Graham H. Walker interviewing Independent Senior Vice President Mary L. G. Theroux and Research Fellow William J. Watkins, Jr., to discuss these important election and public policy developments. They share their observations on the contentious 2020 elections which included remarkable surprises that defied the claims of a Blue Wave by the pollsters, pundits, and interest groups. And, how then can we now protect liberty under the rule of law?

Recorded: Thu. November 19, 2020
Experts: Mary L. G. Theroux, Graham H. Walker, William J. Watkins, Jr.
Type: Independent Conversations

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