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A Gala for the Future of Liberty: Timothy C. Draper, Honoree
Posted: Thu. August 24, 2017, 11:36am PT

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Join with us for an elegant Gala to celebrate the Independent Institute’s 30th Anniversary! In 1986, Independent began its tradition of boldly advancing the timeless principles of liberty by combining scholarly rigor with extensive communications and media coverage of the results, engaging new audiences in innovative, enterprising solutions.

At our Gala for the Future of Liberty, we will celebrate our past successes as we look forward by honoring world-renowned, tech-entrepreneur Timothy C. Draper; Nobel Laureate economist Vernon L. Smith; North Korean refugee, defector, and human-rights activist Yeonmi Park; all exemplary champions of liberty, entrepreneurial innovation, and human well-being. P.J. O’Rourke, bestselling author and America’s leading political humorist, will be our master of ceremonies.

Recorded: Mon. August 7, 2017
Experts: Timothy C. Draper
Type: Institute Events
Issues: Free Market Economics

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