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Failure: The Federal 'Misedukation' of America’s Children | Vicki E. Alger
Posted: Tue. August 30, 2016, 2:34pm PT

Research Fellow Vicki E. Alger presents her Independent Institute book, Failure: The Federal 'Misedukation' of America’s Children, in which she discusses the creation of the U.S. Department of Education and its harmful impact on education in America.

This event was held at the Heritage Foundation and aired on C-SPAN.

Recorded: Wed. July 20, 2016
Experts: Vicki E. Alger
Type: Other Event
Issues: Bureaucracy and Government, Culture/ Society, Education, Family, Government Power, Government Waste/Pork, History (U.S), Privatization, Race Issues, Urban Issues, Women’s Issues

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