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Solutions to the Nation’s Public Pension Crisis—An Interview with Lawrence McQuillan
Posted: Thu. June 11, 2015

Senior Fellow Lawrence McQuillan, author of California Dreaming appears on KSOO radio in Sioux Falls, South Dakota to discuss solutions to the crisis in underfunded public pension systems across the country. Judges in Detroit and other cities have ruled that pension payouts can be cut for current retirees in the case of public municipal bankruptcies. Transitioning out of public pensions into a 401k-style system would give employees some degree of control over their retirement money. McQuillan proposes a 10% contribution by employers to public employee retirement accounts. The savings could help pay down the debt and it would make good the promises made to pensioners.

Recorded: Thu. June 11, 2015
Experts: Lawrence J. McQuillan
Type: Radio
Issues: Bureaucracy and Government, Economic History and Development (U.S.), Taxes

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