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Posted: Fri. November 11, 2022, 2:00pm PT

Research Fellow Randall Holcombe, author of Liberty in Peril, talks about his recent blog post on the Federal Reserve and what mistakes were made that led to high inflation rates. He explains how the Covid epidemic, and the government’s response to it, worsened inflation by shutting down commerce. The Fed acted politically, he says, instead of monetarily before inflation rose in 2022.

Posted: Wed. November 9, 2022, 10:21am PT

Sr. Fellow John C. Goodman, author of New Way to Care appears on the Shaun Thompson show on WIND radio in Chicago. Goodman talks about his recent articles on healthcare reforms saying seniors and disabled people will pay higher drug prices for will pay higher premiums for their Medicare part B coverage, which is the opposite of Democrats’ claims. Goodman says Democrats are taking money out of the Medicare drug program for green energy interests and Republicans need to do a better job of explaining this. Obamacare promises of lower costs have actually made things worse according to Goodman.

Posted: Wed. November 2, 2022, 2:12pm PT

Research Fellow Art Carden talks about his recent article in Forbes “How Evil Are Politicians?”
Carden talks about what motivates politicians and voters in our elections. What are the incentives to learn policy and to vote? Instead of encouraging people to vote, perhaps celebrities should tell people to do something nice for their neighbors, or read to your kids. Carden explains the theory that evil rules the world, especially in politics when “free stuff” is promised.

Posted: Mon. October 31, 2022, 3:54pm PT

Is Russia getting desperate over Ukraine? Where could that lead, and what should the US do? Here at home, what in the world did PayPal think it was doing when it announced financial penalties for any of its users who went public with political opinions that PayPal doesn’t like? And what did Vice President Kamala Harris mean when she said that disaster relief after Hurricane Ian would be allocated according to principles of racial equity?

Posted: Thu. October 27, 2022, 9:22pm PT

It’s back to school for teacher Rose and her son Archie, but with Scott "Gov" Govinsky at the helm of the post-pandemic education system, it's a new (anything-but) normal. Episodes 3, 4 & 5 coming soon!

Posted: Wed. October 26, 2022, 2:10pm PT

With the recent release of the NAEP test scores, also known as “The Nation’s Report Card,” Sr. Fellow Williamson Evers talks about the reasons that American public schools are failing students. Evers says more competition is needed from private schools and home schools, to give parents a choice in their children’s schools. Proven teaching methods and solid curriculum are also needed. The learning loss reflected in the record drop in NAEP scores will take years to make up, says Evers.

Posted: Fri. October 21, 2022, 4:02pm PT

Sr. Fellow Ivan Eland, author of War and the Rogue Presidency talks with TNT radio's Bryan McClain about the changing relationships with the US and Saudi Arabia, Japan, Italy and more. Eland talks about Biden's recent plea with Saudi Arabia to increase oil production.

Posted: Fri. October 21, 2022, 1:40pm PT

Independent Institute Chairman and CEO, and host of the documentary “Beyond Homeless: Finding Hope,” Mary Theroux is interviewed on KCBS radio as she outlines realistic solutions to the blight of homelessness in San Francisco. Strategic, coordinated efforts among non-profits, government, and businesses are needed to address the issue. Results must be measured, instead of just measuring the money spent, she says.