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NatCons, the American System, and the Founders
‘The 1619 Project’ on Hulu Vindicates Capitalism
Its examples of racism are all the result of actions by governments.
Policy Failure During the Great Depression
‘Conservatives Need Not Apply’ Under Biden Administration’s Proposed Hiring Rules
High Inflation Will End Soon
But the Fed’s change in course heightens the risk of recession.
Congressional Republicans Need to Improve Their Economic Messaging
Subsidizing Higher Education Is Not Creating Widespread External Benefits
The States that Are Falling Behind in Economic Freedom
Race Everywhere
“Whites”—to the extent we can determine any race in an intermarried, multiracial society—do not fit the now ossified definition of an exploitive majority.
Paul Volcker’s Recipe for Prosperity
He endorsed Reagan’s pro-growth objectives while maintaining the Fed’s independence.

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