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Congress Must End the Federal Mask Mandate Once and for All
George Stigler, Memoirs of an Unregulated Economist
What Krugman Gets Right and Wrong on Trade Surpluses
Which Economists Should Have Gotten Nobels Before They Died?
California Rejects Four-Day Workweek, but Supporters Haven’t Given Up
Whatever Happened to the $15 Minimum Wage?
In Defense of Inequality
Suffering from Sunk Costs
Inflation Woes Cry for Reagan-Volcker, but We’re Stuck With Biden-Burns
It’s noteworthy that Jay Powell said he wanted to be like Paul Volcker. Sorry, Jay, you’re really more like Arthur Burns, who pumped up the money supply and destroyed the dollar in the ’70s.
Putin’s Inflation? Biden Follows A Good Move with More Bad Numbers
Biden is making the case that the 8 percent inflation problem and the $110 oil problem and the $4.33 gasoline problem are all caused by Putin.

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