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Republican Priority: Make Trump Tax Cuts Permanent
House candidates should pledge not to let the 2017 rate reductions expire.
An Economic Evaluation of Covid Lockdowns
The costs of prevention efforts have outweighed those from the direct effects of the virus itself.
Free Markets, Not Slave Markets
Three Principles for Monetary Institutions: Review of Money and the Rule of Law
It’s Time for the Fed to Go Old School
No fancy stuff. Raise rates via open-market operations that reduce the size of the balance sheet.
A Biden Plan for Prices? No Thanks
The Build Back Better plan would make things worse by injecting trillions of dollars into the economy.
Nirvana Economics: How Treating the Real World Like an Imaginary Ideal World Leads to Trouble
Making Colleges Work Again
Lessons from Adam Smith
A Declining Industry? The Growing Financial Risks of Attending College
Liberal Myths

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