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Who Are the Real Authoritarians?
The GOP’s Wilsonian Mexico Policy
Authorizing military force in Mexico will not end the way they think.
Ukraine Should Never Be Admitted to NATO
Kyiv is demanding that the alliance give it something to walk away with at Vilnius. Will it succumb?
America Should Be More Like Saudi Arabia (In Its Foreign Policy)
Washington ought to emulate Saudi Arabia’s pragmatism and diplomatic flexibility, including reconsidering existing relationships and alliances.
FBI Spy Robert Hanssen Dies in Prison
But a failed, repressive FBI is very much alive.
Biden’s Foreign Policy Unnecessarily Drives China and Russia Together in Opposition
The Irony of Lebanon’s Survival: Success Could Be Holding It Back
Can Democracy Be Saved?
Some U.S. Allies Finally Need to Improve Defenses, Including Getting Nukes
The Impending Thermidor Reaction in Jacobin America
At peak woke, our reign of terror is beginning to lose momentum because its continuation would destroy all the work of 247 years of American progress and sacrifice.

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