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A Vietnam Memorial: Remembering Heroes and Villains from an Unpopular Conflict
The New Regressive Dark Ages
Feet-of-Clay Icons
Remember the Forgotten Heroes
Elite Canadian-American Special Service Force played major role in Allied victory over Hitler’s Nazi Germany
Biden Defense Boss Boots Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier from Space Force Command
The Threat from China Is Exaggerated
Dr. Anthony Fauci Has ‘No Doubt’ About COVID-19 Death Undercounting
But on the pandemic’s cause the Biden adviser remains evasive
Biden Finally Acknowledges the Armenian Genocide and Ignores Communist Mass Murder in China and Cambodia
The Bleak Biden Way
What is the Biden way? To surveille, monitor, root out, raid, jail, confine, and smear all impediments to fundamental transformation.
The Joe Biden Who Never Was

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