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A Missed Off-Ramp for U.S. Venezuela Policy
American sanctions keep backfiring, so why do we keep using them?
Israel Can Still Drag the US into War with Iran
The tit-for-tat has ended for now, but Benjamin Netanyahu has many incentives to continue goading Tehran
Russian Self-Destruction Helps America
Putin has gone from a flirtation with free-market capitalism to increasingly authoritarian kleptomania.
Malthus Reversed: The Birth Dearth and Our Future
The new threat to human well-being is a shrinking population, not a growing one.
Uncivic Education
Many of those who know little or nothing about the seemingly relevant facts, nevertheless have opinions, sometimes even strong opinions, about public matters.
Criticizing the Israeli Government’s Incompetence Is Not Antisemitic
The current Israeli strategy will result in an Iraq-style counterinsurgency quagmire.
A Red Flag for Kamala Harris
Vice President Harris has trouble distinguishing mass shooters from their victims.
Strikes Against the Houthis Need Congressional Approval
If Congress cannot reassert its constitutional duty to approve U.S. military actions now, will it ever?
Fauci and His Minions Are Still in Control
The time has come to hold Dr. Fauci and his cronies accountable for damages from the Covid pandemic.
Amid High Fives for Sweden’s Entry into NATO, Scary Talk Is Afoot
The Biden administration must temper growing European willingness to intervene in Ukraine directly.

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