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S.F. Proposition B’s ‘Cop Tax’ Would Increase Budget Uncertainty without Guaranteeing Better Policing
To Fight Corruption, San Francisco Must Decriminalize Construction
Prop. D advocates hope to eliminate corruption by making it even more illegal to bribe public officials
California’s Proposition 1 Could Be an Improvement if More Reforms Follow
Biden Labor Secretary Left California a Mess
But even with Julie Su in Washington, California’s problems get worse.
The Bitter Truth Behind Sugary Soda Taxes
Newsom Wants to Add $6.4 Billion to California’s $1.6 Trillion Debt with Proposition 1
Wichita Poised to Be National Model in Addressing Homelessness
Charles Dickens Teaches Washington Elites How to Budget
The U.S. national debt now is north of $34 trillion.
Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom Team Up Against Voters
More Affordable-Housing Bonds for San Francisco?
Maybe it’s time to acknowledge that ‘spending’ isn’t a solution to the housing shortage

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