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California’s Minimum Wage Woes Are a Cautionary Tale for the Nation
San Francisco Must Stop Enabling Substance Abuse
California Will See Plenty of New Laws in 2024, but Few Which Will Fix Actual Problems
Harvard Should Pay Its Fair Share
How to deal with higher ed’s corruption? Milton Friedman had the right idea: Tax the universities.
Time Is on Government’s Side
As Wind and Solar Power Falter, U.N. Climate Agreement Becomes Wishful Thinking
Green energy’s low-cost boom appears to be over
Through the GAO, the Deep State Chooses Government Leaders
In effect, the GAO functions as a supreme court for the federal bureaucracy.
In Debate with DeSantis, Newsom Can’t Admit California’s Policy Failures
Solving Homelessness Requires More than Just Housing
Fake Meat: More Entrée or Agenda?

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