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Is It Time for Intellectuals to Talk about God?
It’s a New Dark Age. Evil abounds. Is a postmodern embarrassment about discussing spiritual matters, keeping us stupid and putting us in danger?
Who’s Afraid of Naomi Wolf?
The answer to that question is progressives, politicians, the media, and feminist luminaries . . . and for all the right reasons.
Integrity. Dignity. Community.
Three simple words that ring like bells.
From Prague to Washington
One coup succeeded, the other is still in progress
The Chutkan Chronicles
January 6 judge shows preference for judicial abuse.
The Specter of Chinese Civilization
On Chinese and Western models of governance.
Are Colleges Causing National Decline? Should We Tax Them?
Joe Biden’s Domestic Terrorism Backstory
How Vice President Biden explained November 5, 2009.
Is America Becoming Rome Versus Byzantium?
Our Byzantine interior and Roman coasts are quite differently interpreting their shared American heritage as they increasingly plot radically divergent courses to survive in scary times.
Review of Edward Younkins, Exploring Atlas Shrugged: Ayn Rand’s Magnum Opus

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