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The Power of Independent Thinking


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Malthus Reversed: The Birth Dearth and Our Future
The new threat to human well-being is a shrinking population, not a growing one.
20th Century Ideology, Modern Mixed Economies
Uncivic Education
Many of those who know little or nothing about the seemingly relevant facts, nevertheless have opinions, sometimes even strong opinions, about public matters.
Criticizing the Israeli Government’s Incompetence Is Not Antisemitic
The current Israeli strategy will result in an Iraq-style counterinsurgency quagmire.
Saudi Arabia Goes for Transformative Hat Trick
Major update in every sense except political one
Time for U.S. Jews to Rethink Their Democratic Loyalties
Cal Thomas: The New American Antisemitism
Hatred of Jews continues to poison our politics and culture
Congress Aims to Extend Warrantless Surveillance for the Foreseeable Future
These measures have no place in a free and democratic society.
Who Should Govern Our Cowardly, Antisemitic Colleges?
The Decline in American Universities, 2011-2024

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