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Yes, an Academic Free-Speech Conference Needed Protection from the Mob
A recent Stanford event was “invitation-only” for a reason.
Post-Faucist America
Without crucial reforms, the NIAID boss Anthony Fauci will be neither gone nor forgotten.
The GOP Needs to Go Back to Sound Principles on Free Enterprise, Small Government, and Legal Immigration
End the COVID National Emergency Now
Left Libertarians, Dobbs, and the Ninth Amendment
Why Do Progressives Support Democrats? Part Two
Congress Must Fix the Electoral Count Act to Avert a Crisis
Several dangerous points of potential electoral failure, which were demonstrated by the abuse of the act after the 2020 presidential election, have not yet been addressed.
Why Do Progressives Support Democrats? Part One
What Difference Did the Election Make?
On Gas Prices, Simple Economics Trumps Biden’s Partisan Agenda
Taxing the corporate-greed “bogeyman” won’t decrease prices at the pump.

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