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Thank Walmart, not Biden or Trump, for Lower Insulin Prices
From Solzhenitsyn to US Governors: No Lessons Learned
The government’s pandemic regime reflected an authoritarian mindset more than good policy.
Entrepreneurial Failure: Fault or Feature?
The National Debt Is over $34 Trillion. It’s Time to Tell the Truth about the U.S. Government’s Finances
The national debt is expected to reach a new record by year end—but neither party has a credible plan to address it.
Don’t Expect Trump’s All-Tariff Revenue Plan to ‘Starve the Beast’
Stiglitz: When Good Minds Seek Fools’ Favor
Grade Inflation and Campus Protests
Lack of academic rigor encourages mindless, mirthless, and militant mediocrity.
Bump Stocks Are Not Machineguns
The Supreme Court’s Cargill ruling has broad implications.
Boosters Beware: Stadiums Aren’t Magic
Common Sense as Health Policy

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