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The Power of Independent Thinking


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Newsom Continues Dreadful COVID-19 Crackdown
Reality dysphoria mounts across the Golden State.
The Imperial Presidency, with the Supreme Court’s Blessing, Has Gone Rogue
The Supreme Court neglects the fact that Congress, not the executive, is the most authoritative branch of government.
The Mass Democratization of Knowledge: Now Everyone Has Research Assistants
Don’t Believe Gavin Newsom. California Is Not a Low-Tax State.
Tempering Hysteria over Taiwan
Worries about a Chinese invasion of Taiwan should not trick the United States into further overextension.
Reason for Our Health Care Crisis: Government
Green Cards for International College Grads Are a Great Deal for Americans
Consumers (Sovereignly) Control Google
Why We Hate Each Other, Part II
A Different Perspective from Governor Newsom on California’s ‘State of the State’

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