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Stephen Margolis’s Contributions to Economics and Political Economy
Benefits of the American Revolution
An Exploration of Positive Externalities
Why Did the Roosevelt Administration Think Cartels, Higher Wages, and Shorter Workweeks Would Promote Recovery from the Great Depression?
Feedback and Correction in Government and the Market
Plastic Pollution
Bans vs. Recycling Solutions
The Rise of the Regulatory State
Institutional Entrepreneurship and the Decline of Markets for Blood
Bounties, Grants, and Market-Making Entrepreneurship
Overlooked Costs of War-Related Public Research
A Comment on “Early RAND as a Talent Incubator by Nicholas Rescher
The California Department of Water Resources Wins Dishonor of California Golden Fleece® Award for Its “Patch and Pray” Approach to Dam Safety
Whatever Happened to Inflation?
The Calm Before the Storm

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