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The U.S. Is Serving Up Pork to Semiconductor Manufacturers
Gavin Newsom’s Weird Idea of ‘Freedom’
Newsom resembles a pathetic owner of a once successful but now run-down, high-priced gas station without clients.
Are America’s Best Health Plans Being Unfairly Attacked?
Economists Should Know Better than to Support Big Government Democratic Policies
The World Is Facing Its Day of Inflationary Reckoning
What Can Healthcare Prices Teach About Inflationary Woes?
Four Reasons Biden’s Student Loans ‘Forgiveness’ Plan is Wrong
Biden Going Green by Killing Jobs, Strangling Growth with Red Tape
Obamacare: Promises Made, Promises Broken
The Nihilism of the Left
In pursuit of its utopian omelet, the Left cares little about the millions of middle-class Americans it must break to make it.

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