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The Power of Independent Thinking


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Identity Politics Explained
Russian Self-Destruction Helps America
Putin has gone from a flirtation with free-market capitalism to increasingly authoritarian kleptomania.
Malthus Reversed: The Birth Dearth and Our Future
The new threat to human well-being is a shrinking population, not a growing one.
Trump’s Tariff Talk Proves Bad Economics Can Be Good Politics
Saudi Arabia Goes for Transformative Hat Trick
Major update in every sense except political one
The Miracle of Milei: Argentina Could Spark a Passionate Embrace of Individual Liberty—and Prosperity
Argentina’s new president turns up just as America seems to be losing confidence in the virtues of its founding values and democratic capitalism
Comedy of Errors Has European Farmers Fuming
Political Promises Won’t End Drug Shortages
As Wind and Solar Power Falter, U.N. Climate Agreement Becomes Wishful Thinking
Green energy’s low-cost boom appears to be over
San Francisco Builds a Wall for China
“Clean for Xi, but not for thee.”

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